Jelly Bean 2 Cubes In Gift Pack

Starting From: $6.80 per unit

A variety of 9 complementary tastes for a true flavor explosion with every bite. Jelly Bean is a very popular promotional product for advertising and corporate marketing events, it is also a great gift for weddings, parties, and personal gifts. This gift box contains 2 acrylic boxes, each has 50 grams assorted or corporate colour mini Jelly Beans mixed with 9 great colours and flavors – White (Lychee), Yellow (Lemon), Orange (Orange), Red (Strawberry), Purple (Grape), Pink (Raspberry), Green (Apple), Blue (Blueberry), Black (Liquorice), the gift box has a plastic molded base to hold 2 acrylic containers, a great promotional gift.


Black (Liquorice), Blue (Blueberry), Green (Apple), Orange (Orange), Pink (Raspberry), Purple (Grape), Red (Strawberry), White (Lychee), Yellow (Lemon)


48 mmW x 32 mmH x 26 mmD