Jelly Bean In Diamond Coffee Cup

Starting From: $16.20 per unit

A trendy smart shape 230ml reusable double wall glass coffee cup(EK015) is made of BPA-free borosilicate glass, which makes the cup lighter and stronger. It keeps beverages cold and drinks hot for longer while the double wall structure protects hand from burning. It comes with 150g(50g/bag x 3) assorted or corporate colour mini Jelly Beans(JB003) and can be printed in a etched image. Diamond glass coffee cup is not dishwasher safe and handwashing is recommended.


Black (Liquorice), Blue (Blueberry), Green (Apple), Orange (Orange), Pink (Raspberry), Purple (Grape), Red (Strawberry), White (Lychee), Yellow (Lemon)


54.5 mmW x 50 mmH x 53 mmD