Jelly Bean In Vetto Wheat Straw Cup

Starting From: $8.00 per unit

This 300ml eco-friendly wheat straw coffee cup(EK011) comes with 300g(50g/bag x 6) assorted or corporate colour mini Jelly Beans(JB003). It is a durable and reusable and can be customised with your company logo. The cup is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and BPA free. Protect the planet and help to reduce plastic pollution by choose eco-friendly Wheat straw coffee cups as a marketing gift.


Black (Liquorice), Blue (Blueberry), Green (Apple), Orange (Orange), Pink (Raspberry), Purple (Grape), Red (Strawberry), White (Lychee), Yellow (Lemon)


52 mmW x 21 mmH x 51 mmD