Stax Eco Lunch Box with Phone Holder Lid

Starting From: $13.72 per unit

2-tier lunch box with bamboo lid that features a phone holder making it easy to enjoy lunch and stay connected at the same time. Made from a 50% blend of wheat fibre and BPA-free polypropylene. It has two compartments that allow for meal separation, with the knife, fork and spoon retained in the middle compartment and an elastic strap. Eco friendly alternative as a zero waste product and is a great alternative to plastic wear. It is important to note that this lunch box is suitable for reheating food in the microwave but not for cooking. Hand washing is recommended to maintain the longevity of the logo on the lunch box. Eco Credentials: Wheat fibre – by product, reusable, printed using reusable energy.


Base: Wheat Fibre Base;Lid: Bamboo Lid


185 x 95 x 105mm (LxWxH)